Just Ducky!

I thought it would be fun to show you the progress of one of my ACEOs. (Miniature paintings only 3 ½” x 2 ½”) This little piece began as a detailed pen and ink drawing to which I added an ink wash background.

Unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately) I ran into trouble with the ink in the Mallard's reflection, as I laid a watercolor wash over the painting, my waterproof ink bled!! Big mess! Luckily I saved it with a smooth application of Acrylic and re-did the duck's reflection.

I actually am happier with the flat, seamless Acrylic background than with the initial ink wash.

Then I added several layers of Colored pencil for the Mallards feathers, some highlights, and strengthened the darker areas.
I hope enjoyed seeing this ACEO's progression!

"Female Mallard" 3 1/2" x 2 1/2", done in India ink, Acrylic and Colored Pencil.
10% For the charity Old Dog Haven;

(click on image to get to this Mallard’s eBay listing)

Have a fine evening!

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