Thursday Evening

This week I was very motivated to create a miniature painting every day and have succeeded! The little Duckling paintings were especially fun. The one here is my favorite of the two, I am pleased with the lighting and how the cool green of the water reflects against his downy chest.

(Click on the image to get to the eBay auction of this little duckling)

This painting is of another Canadian Goose. These birds are so common here, mostly gathering in the empty corn fields or honking loudly overhead. The graceful lines of their bodies and necks are so inspiring to me. I also love the rich subtle color of warm brown against the striking black, and that wonderful jade green that sets it all off.

(click on the image to get to this Canadian Goose eBay listing)

In the last year I have become involved with a wonderful group called Art For Critters. This is a group of artists who donate a portion of thier art sales to help animal charities. I am a very proud juried member of this group!

Click here to find out more about Art for Critters.

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