The Wild Cats of North Egremont

Over the holiday season I had the privilege of caring for a band of wild cats at our local dump. A good friend of mine who tends to them had to rush to the bedside of her terminally ill mother and I felt it was the very least I could do for her. So I took on the daily task of mixing donated cat food and keeping the cats’ water from freezing. Now it’s been well over a month and this little job continues to bring me joy. The cats are all feral (homeless) and four of them are litter-mates who look just the same with black and white "tuxedos." Now, when I park my truck beside their little shelter, they all come tumbling out of the woods, purring and rubbing up against one another. I have yet to stroke one of their shiny heads but the look of gratitude is unmistakable. I have read that there is one feral cat for every person in this country! They live a very difficult life, battling illness and bitter cold. This is my small effort to make the lives of at least five beautiful feral cats somewhat better.

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