Bitter Cold, Beautiful Snow

Finally we have snow in New England! I have missed that lovely mantle of white, coating each tree branch and lying in perfect blankets of white over the fields. We also have some real February chill, (-16 today with the windchill!) Brrr.

Still, those wonderful little Winter birds are flitting about at my bird feeder.
Here is my latest miniature up for auction on eBay:

"Tufted Titmouse" done in India ink and Colored Pencil 3 1/2" by 2 1/2" 10% of the proceeds goes to the charity Shar Pei Savers, Inc

(click on image to get to this little bird's eBay listing)

This seems like a good time for a big clearance sale in my eBay virtual store, (remember, you do not have to venture out into the cold to shop there!)

Here is a link to my clearance sale.

Enjoy, and stay warm!


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