More on the Birds of Winter

This is an ode to what I call my "Winter birds." These little darlings are actually here year round, but in the deepest and darkest days of Winter, when everything is frozen and gray, these feathered friends bring me great joy.
Winter here in New England can be quite severe. It’s not unusual on a January day to have the wind chill dip to 40 degrees below zero with snow blowing and icicles covering the windows. Yet on a day like that, when I look out my studio window, those sweet little birds are flitting about gathering seeds from my feeder and chirping merrily. In addition to their cheery attitude, there are the colors! There is nothing like the unworldly red of the Cardinal against a stark gray and white backdrop, but in Winter my eyes seem to be more receptive to the subtle shade of the less colorful birds as well. The dear little Chickadee, so small and jaunty with his deep black cap and brilliant white chest. The female Cardinal is especially colorful in the Winter, her subtle shades of cool gray and warm red seem so striking to me, while in the Summer I rarely notice her. Watching the birds of Winter is one of the things that gets me through those long cold days, inspiring me and making me smile!

Here is today's painting of a little Mourning Dove all puffed up against the Winter chill.

"Mourning Dove all puffed up", ACEO (Only 3 1/2" by 2 1/2") in India Ink and Colored Pencil. 10% goes to the charity Old Dog Haven.

(click on image to get to this Winter Bird’s eBay listing)

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