Subtle Sparrows and Soft Snow

With this miniature painting (only 2 ½” by 3 ½”) I was inspired both by the desire to add to my ongoing series of Winter Birds and to highlight the subtle color palette of a familiar bird. At this time of year it seems my eyes are drawn to every color shift which moves away from the Winter grays. Of course, our beautiful Cardinal is dramatic with his brilliant red against the pure white snow, but the softer colors of little birds like this Song Sparrow are so inspiring to me.

Song Sparrow done in India ink and Colored Pencil. 10% of the proceeds goes to the charity Shar Pei Savers; (this little piece sold right away with the Buy it Now option on eBay.)

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ACEO stands for "art cards - editions and originals". These little gems measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", the same size as a trading card. They are affordable, collectible and you can trade them, or keep them in an album (they fit in any standard trading card album or sleeves). They also looked great framed in a group! Read this great article about the growing art phenomenon called ACEO. Click Here to read this article

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In the last year I have become involved with a wonderful group called Art For Critters. This is a group of artists who donate a portion of their art sales to help animal charities. I am a very proud juried member of this group!

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I had to share this email I just received with you, its from one of the animal charities I donate to. THIS is why I do what I do!

"...And we could not have done what we were able to do last year without the kindness and support of each and every one of you. What a blessing it is to have had the moral support you all gave Silvia and Hanna and I last year. We have adopted all but 5 of the Scant City kittens and 4 mother cats. Of the 40 cats rescued all survived and the mothers and babies are wonderful, loving teenagers and adults now.

Now, we've started a new year"..."

....We just brought in a male Rottweiler mix, about 4 years old that appears to have been chained most of his life. He weighs 64 pounds, about 30 pounds underweight.

Horace's pictures were taken at the Vet last Saturday, February 3rd. He "drifted" into a man's yard dragging an 8 foot (2.5 meter) chain that weighs about 20 pounds, or 8 kilos. I got the call 2 Sundays ago and never got the name of the guy calling or wrote down his phone number. When he told me about Horace I was transformed to my emergency mode. His temp was 104. He took him to West side Vet Clinic that Monday.
We're trying to figure out just exactly what kind of infection he has.
He has gone blind in his right eye and we're working hard to save his
left eye. He has heart worm. He was infested with fleas.

He's safe and warm with us tonight. I'll post pictures on our website and keep it updated with his progress. He's on some heavy antibiotics and I'm doing an herbal/mineral/vitamin treatment. I've got a good feeling that he's going to make it.

Talent on loan from God - that's what you all have.

All our love from our Haven to yours.

David, Silvia and Hannah and all the dogs and cats."


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