Help Save the baby Harp Seals!

A group of artists on eBay are holding several auctions beginning Sunday April 22, to help save the baby Harp seal.

Here is the miniature painting I have created for this project:

"Harp Seal" ACEO 3.5" by 2.5" India Ink, Colored Pencil and White Acrylic

20% to benefit the baby Harp Seals that are still being brutally killed for their white fur!

Harp Seal 57-07

This little painting goes on auction Sunday the 22nd. Click on his image to find my current auctions.

UPDATE: This little painting sold within an hour of listing!

Here is some information about the plight of the Harp Seal. (Brace your self, its very sad!)

"The commercial harp seal hunt in Canada DOES NOT (officially) kill baby whitecoat harp seals, it, INSTEAD, kills hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals who have partially or completely molted their white coats.These baby seals are killed in the same exact manner: by beating them to death using clubs, sticks, and hakapiks or by shooting them in the head. Most die at the age of 2 to 3 months old.
The U.S. Congress even introduced legislation in 1972 to ban the importation of commodities made from marine mammals, but it wasn't until a worldwide outcry led to European actions in the 1980's- the ban on the importation of baby seal pelts (whitecoats) in 1983, and the threat of a boycott of Canadian fish products in 1987- that the killing declined dramatically. But it never ended.
The Canadian government and the seal-killing industry worked tirelessly to develop new markets to replace those eliminated by these actions; and the government required that seal killers wait until seal pups molted at about 2 weeks of age, when, according to the government, they become adults.
An average of 60,000 seals were killed each year between 1984 and 1994. In 1995, the commercial hunt was resumed when a Newfoundlander named Brian Tobin became the Minister of Fisheries. This was two years after the cod fishery collapsed due to over-fishing. The fishermen blamed the seals for the decline of the cod and demanded a kill. Since 1994, the kill quota has risen each year. Markets were developed in Asia; and seal skins were sold in the seal killing nation, Norway, as well as in Denmark, Poland, Estonia, and Greece.
The three year plan ending for 2005 was to kill almost one million seals. When the "struck and lost" seals are included, the total killed exceeds one millions, making this the largest marine mammal slaughter in the world. Still the Newfoundlanders are not satisfied and are demanding that even more seals be killed. Some Newfoundland politicians have called for eradication."

Here are a few sites where you can learn more:

Stop the Seal Hunt
Harp Seal Dot Org.

Thanks so much,


Cherie said...


Praise you and all others helping this cause for the baby seals!!!

Many years ago I saw, on television, on National Geographics or some animal show, the process of what they do...well, I can't go on...but I will certainly do what I can to help! Thank you all!

Your shop at CafePress turned out fantastic, as well as your MySpace,
continued success!

In appreciation,

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Cherie, Thank you soooo much for your kind words of encouragement!

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