New foster baby!!

On Thursday August 30 th I found a baby House Sparrow at the barn where my horse Little Bit lives. The barn is in the process of being re-roofed and her nest was knocked down. There was much loud equipment and the many tromping feet of the roofers barely missing this wee little thing as she lay in the dust on the barn floor. I know the proper thing to do with a baby bird is to return it to it's nest or at least leave it where it is so that mom can care of it on the ground, but this just was notan option, so she came home with me! After quite a bit of research online I learned what I needed to do to care for her and I learned that House Sparrows are one of the three wild birds in this country that,( being an introduced breed) are legal to raise in your home. And so begins this delightful journey raising baby Sparrow. She is doing extremely well, on her fourth day with me and growing quickly!
I hope to document every step of her progress and most likely create a few little paintings of this sweet baby. Here are a some images of Sparrow baby:

Day Two:

Day Four:

House Sparrow history:
One hundred House Sparrows were introduced into Brooklyn in the fall of 1851 and the spring of 1852. From this initial introduction, the species expanded throughout the eastern United States and Canada. Aided by transplants from established populations and additional introductions from Europe (for example, into San Francisco and Salt Lake City in 1873-1874), the species now ranges from central and northeastern British Columbia to the James Bay and south to Panama.

Thanks so much!

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