New Charity Miniature Painting ~The Fabbitz Two

"The Fabbitz Birthday Bash Two", # 29 of 2008
ACEO 2.5 " by 3.5"
India Ink, Acrylic, and Colored Pencil
Benefits The Bunny Bunch Charity

This is the second in a Triptych ( a set of three paintings that when placed side by side will create one larger composition) which I am be doing of the Fabbitz!

You may recall the series of paintings I did of these four fabulous Bunnies and their stories last year.

Here is a brief piece by Julia (the Fabbitz person)

"You are hereby privileged to be included in one of the most festive and important events of the year: The Fabb Four's Fourth Birthday!! We adopted this little family four years from Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue in Phoenix. We call these guys The Fabbitz (Fabulous + Rabbits) They are: Ashleigh Elizabeth, the mother rabbit, and her three children, Nigel Sebastian, Alyce-Michele Elise and Duncan Alexander. It has been wonderful sharing our lives with them and watching them grow and interact as a family. Even though all her babies are much bigger than she is, Ashleigh is definitely still the Mom and authority figure of the family. She keeps her kids in line and will scold them with a barely-audible growl and a quick nip if their behavior is out of order. Ashleigh also protects them from any perceived dangers. For example, when we adopted a new little bunny (Rupert Ebenezer) a few months ago, Ash would not let her babies anywhere near him until she deemed him to be a safe companion. The "kids" all run to their mother if something startles them. All three try to crawl under Ashleigh's tummy for safety. The result--a hilarious image of 3 Big Bunny Bums up in the air as they attempt to hide under their mother! Ashleigh waits for me to tell her everything is OK and then she gently nudges her (BIG!) babies out from under her and they all resume playing"

Rabbits are beautiful, sweet and loving creatures. They will greatly enrich the lives of their adopted family. They are also oodles of fun and their playful antics are endlessly entertaining. Rabbits do, however, require special care. All potential adopters should thoroughly acquaint themselves with exactly what this care entails so each of these gorgeous creatures will receive all the love and special attention they so richly deserve.

Have a great week!!

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