Children's Book Illustrations Underway!

Step One: Initial ink drawing
(Actual size)

Step Two: I begin inking in the background with a diluted India ink wash

I have begun the illustrations for a Children's Book!

Way back in June of 2007, I wrote to you about a wonderful book illustration project. If you have read about this already, bear with me as I am repeating it all here:

In June a young lady contacted me through eBay. This lovely young person is a very talented writer on the brink of publishing her first book. Since we met I have begun to learn a bit more about Maggie Mei. Here is a letter from Maggie's mom:

"Even though Maggie is young, she is showing real potential in her writing and artistic abilities. We brought her home from China when she was 9 months old. On her first birthday, she took a pen in her hand, held it correctly and attempted to make a mark on a piece of paper. She didn't have the muscle strength to make that mark, but we had an idea we were the lucky parents of a very special person.

Maggie attended Montessori from age 21 months through 5th grade and I've been home schooling her for the last two years. She has a sister named Irene who is also adopted from China and who is 9 months younger than Maggie. We live in a house full of animals, namely cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, a mouse (of course) and a hamster. I have a horse named Sunshine here in Maryland and we have two horses, three pregnant cows (two longhorn), one longhorn bull and about 26 chickens on our ranch just outside San Antonio, Texas (I've always wanted to be a cowgirl!). So, needless to say, the girls have been raised with animals and they both love them......."

I am excited about this project for a few reasons.

First, I would be so honored to help a young author have her work published, (I happen to have a daughter the same age who is a budding author).

Second, the subject of Maggie's book is perfectly in line with the images and style of painting I am doing right now. (Maggie's book is about life lessons and the characters are mice)

Third, everything about Maggie and her family align with my own passions and goals. (A love of animals, our children and helping others)

Fourth, Maggie, her parents, and I will agree to contribute 10% from the sale of the book to the Art for Critter's Charity Happy Paws Haven! All of these things seem to point toward a wonderful and exciting project that just seems meant to be.

Each painting I complete for Maggie's book will go up for auction on eBay and I will post each step of every drawing here!

Have a great weekend.


Smashgirl said...

What a wonderful project, you must be honored to be a part of it!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks for the comment, I really am honored!


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