eBay pulled my listing- Vindictive eBayer on the loose!

M miniature painting was pulled by eBay!!! Sadly eBay often pulls an auction THEN investigates to determine if any rules were broken, and even more disturbing is the fact that these reports are made by other eBayer's who know the listing is in accordance with eBay but reports it anyway out of sheer spite (or jealousy, or who knows?) Art for Critters is trying to help these charities and someone out there in eBay land is trying just as hard to sabotage us! I have decided not to be discouraged, but simply re-list and believe all our great supporters will bid again and raise even MORE money for this animal charity!!

So, here is Children's Book Number Sixteen again, benefiting Old Dog Haven:


Linda said...

I really dont know how these people sleep at night, Lovely work, good Luck with the relist, I'm sure It will Fly.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Linda. :)

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