An ACEO (Miniature Painting) Step by Step

This morning I wanted to share a step by step of my latest miniature painting - ACEO.

Below I have used a very fine technical pen and India ink to draw my little Bunny Fairy

Next I use diluted India ink to start the background and I have also begun to layer on colored pencil.

Here I begin to layer on colored pencil in the background. This is very time consuming but I love the rich translucent color it gives.

More layers of colored pencil in Bunnie's fur


This little Bunny Fairy will go up on eBay later tonight and I will post the link Saturday morning. I hope you enjoyed my WIP (work in progress)!


PaintDog said...

Hey Mel,
Just stopping by your blog to say hi! The new bunny fairy is adorable :)


Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Ms. Ann!!! :)

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