Art for Critters Special Home for the Holidays Project

Art for Critters is a worldwide group of artists who donate a portion of our art sales to animal charity, (we've raised over $39,048.54 since 2006!) This month we are hosting a special project titled Home for the Holidays. Members of Art for Critters feature a homeless animal or an animal in need of permanent refuge from one of our charities. The art will then be auctioned with a portion of the proceeds donated to the charity where the animal resides.

My special critter is an old dog named Dawson (right) and the special charity is Old Dog Haven. Here is what Judith at Old Dog Haven writes about Dawson:
"Dawson came into a big shelter as a "stray" but we guess he was put outside when he wasn't wanted anymore - he has obviously been well cared or and used to being part of the family. He didn't move from his bed at the shelter for 5 days, didn't get a vet exam or behavior assessment and they thought he was too old and crippled to move. That made him an ODH candidate, but he pranced out of the shelter and into the volunteer's car with great relief. He's very healthy for his advanced age, though he has arthritis in his back and hips that limits his activity, but he's completely deaf and has that "old dog bark" when he wants to communicate. Dawson clearly is drawn to gentle school-age kids, will slowly march alongside with his head under their hand and a big smile on his face. We would love for him to have a "job" being a child's best friend but he is most welcome here for the rest of his life."

I have a really unique piece on my table for Dawson and ODHN. The moment it is completely I will post the miniature here!

Thanks so much!

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Mare said...

This story both breaks my heart and opens it to all the possibilities of Love out there. I have been talking to my local dog groomer about fostering old dogs just like Dawson who have lost their owners to death or necessary surrender. It seems to me that most adopters might be a bit nervous about adopting a dog with such advanced age. But i have a 19 year old dog here with me and i LOVE old dogs....Thank you for showing me how to find you, and for all the good that you,mare

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