Bunny Fairy on Holiday Gifts just for You!

Today I created a series of Christmas and holiday gifts featuring my Bunny Fairy Art from last week. I hope you enjoy these gift ideas.

Here is Bunny Fairy as an original miniature painting:
Bunny Fairy Miniature Art

Below, a few of the Christmas - Holiday gift items I created for you. Each item can be found by clicking its thumbnail:

Bunny Fairy on Christmas Gifts such as Framed Art
Framed Tile Art
Bunny Fairy on Christmas Gifts such as Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic Tile Coaster
Bunny Fairy on Christmas Gifts such as Jewelry Boxes
Fairy Jewelry Box
Bunny Fairy on Christmas Gifts such as Refrigerator Magnets
Bunny Fairy Magnet

Enjoy your weekend!!


DW Quilt Art said...

Hi Melody, I love the variety of surfaces on which you present your adorable art! I would love to know how you do the tiles, as I am very interested in mosaics these days.

Please pay me a visit and see I have tagged you :-)

Happy Sunday, Diane (dwsewbiz)

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks for the nice comments Diane!
I use a company CafePress to produce my tiles. I am sorry I can not participate in the fun blog tagging, I just cant carve out the time, but thanks for the tag all the same!


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