A Chickadee Bird Bookmark

I love to watch the birds just outside my studio window! Especially in the winter. The birds such as Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatch, and of course Cardinals, bring me such joy. When the weather is bitter these little winged angels add a spot of sweetness to my day.

Above is a typical winter morning out my studio window, and one of my "Winter Bird" miniature painting, (ACEOs)

Below is a little "Winter Bird" Chickadee Bookmark for you this chilly New England morning (14 degrees here!) I enjoy working in a graphics program where I dismantle my art work and then redesign the painting in a book mark format. Each bookmark is signed and dated. The protective plastic sleeve which surrounds the bookmark measures 2.5 inches by 7 inches with an extra 1.5 inch area from which to hang a favorite tassel. Printed from my Epson printer with Archival Ink on Epson High Quality Ultra Premium Paper. These little gems are rated to last 98 years or 200 years if kept in your book. (That's a long time!) :)

Winter Bird Chickadee Bookmark

You can purchase this bookmark here in my Etsy shop, or here in my eBay shop.

Enjoy and stay warm!


DEB said...

Melody, I'm cold just looking at the PICTURE of looking out your window! Your bird paintings are warm and inviting though! DEB

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much Deb!!

DEB said...

I've been tagged, so I have to tag 6 more people....I choose you! I explained it on my blog,, but basically you list 6 things about yourself, and tag 6 more bloggers. Have fun! DEB

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