More Work in Progress for Riff Raff the Three Legged Pooch

Here are a few more steps in my miniature painting of Riff Raff.

I start each ACEO with a light India ink drawing.

8:30 AM 12-11-08
Initial ink drawing.

1:10 PM 12-11-08
Here I have started to add the stipple..

6:00 AM 12-12-08
This morning I have added the ink wash background and started to lay down a thick creamy layer of colored pencil to the background.

4:00 PM 12-13-08
Yesterday I had quite a few woes, flooded driveway, etc., all of which sadly pulled me away from my studio. This afternoon however, I added the rich blue background and a suggestion of the window Riff Raff is gazing out of.

You can learn more about Riff Raff the Three Legged Wonder here.



DW Quilt Art said...

What a wonderful story! I'm sure the portrait of Riff Raff is going to be loved and appreciated!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much! I know Riff Raff has been a dear friend to his person. I also know that his person truly rescued Riff Raff and gave him nine years of great happiness. I hope I can capture some of that in this little painting!

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