New Work In Progress for Old Dog Haven

This month I am focusing on a OldDog Haven animal shelter to receive a portion of my art sales. As Co-Leader for Art for Critters, I donate 10% of all profits from my original paintings. I know that sounds like a small percentage, but over the course of a year, I usually sell around 150 or so original paintings and together with my incredible group of artists (from around the globe) we have raised over $39,000 since 2006!

This month’s featured shelter is Old Dog Haven.

OldDog Haven is a small nonprofit group using a large network of people to provide a loving safe home for abandoned senior dogs. Their goal is to provide a loving, safe home for senior dogs abandoned at this stage of their lives. When they have room, and the means, they take these dogs into their homes; if possible they adopt out those with a reasonable life-expectancy. They care for the rest as long as they have good quality of life. In addition, they try to assist owners in finding new homes for their senior dogs through their website and referrals.

My next painting will sponsor Paloma:

(Click to enlarge)

Paloma is a "final refuge" dog.

These dogs are spending their final days at OldDog Haven or in one of their wonderful foster homes, surrounded by people who love them, and with lots of canine companions, too. All have been deemed too fragile to be subjected to another change in living conditions, too sick to be rehomed, or with very limited time left with us.

Please stay posted to this blog for another Step by Step miniature to help sponsor little Paloma and the other senior dogs at OldDog Haven

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