Oh, Those Sweet Little Birds!

Happy Christmas Eve!!!!!
As I sit at my worktable this morning and gaze out the big window at a chilly, icy, and wintry Christmas Eve...all the little birds at my feeders are there to greet me! What a joy!

This time of year they are especially hungry trying to stay warm. It seems when a storm is approaching, these little birds sense that and begin to "tank up" for the impending weather. I do so wish I was a better photographer, but you can get a sense of my busy bird feeders. I have mostly American Goldfinch (in their dusky winter plumage) Chickadees, Titmice, and Juncos. Occasionally a big Blue Jay will visit and he always looks so enormous next to the usual small crew!

Here are a few "Winter Birds" that I have painted in the past:

Brown Sparrow

White Crowned Sparrow


Female Cardinal

Have a safe, happy, and blessed holiday!!


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Feeding the birds is so necessary at this time of year! I so enjoy watching my feeders also.

Love all your bird portraits, such expression in them!

Being a crow/raven painter & collector, I hope you do the crow portrait :-)

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Gail!
Happy holidays.

Linda said...

They are all Charming Melody, and the sparrow is my favourite little bird, your rendition is superb. They used to be numerous, when I was a child, but alas are not so now.Lindax

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