Winter Bird Ornament and Gifts

This morning I designed a few Christmas gifts using my little Winter Bird painting from 2007. This is a Chickadee, one of my favorite "Winter Birds". Actually, these birds live in my part of the country year round, but in the deepest winter, when the snow is flying and the temperatures are dipping onto the teens, these are the birds that most brighten my day. Chickadees seem impervious to the cold and flit about in what appears to be such a happy (can we say chipper) mood. They are such a cute little bird as well, in their handsome markings. They look especially charming against a stark winter background. Above is my painting as an ACEO (miniature painting) and below are the Christmas gifts designed with little Chickadee's image. Just click on each image to purchase that Christmas Gift

Chickadee Winter Bird Ornament

Chickadee Winter Bird Ceramic Tile


DEB said...

Those are beautiful chickadees! If they were here in Northern VA right now, they'd all be hiding. It's SO windy today...If they tried to fly, they'd be slammed into the side of a building. But your paintings make them look so happy and peaceful in the cold.

DEB said...
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