Meet Riff Raff, The Three Legged Inspiration!

This week I have a very special project on the board. A woman contacted me through eBay about painting a portrait of her dog "Riff Raff", a charming and inspiring Pitt Bull Lab mix rescue. Here is her story about her awesome dog:

"My beautiful dog, Riff Raff, was dumped on a busy Maryland highway with three others of his litter at the age of six months. Two did not survive the traffic more than a few minutes. When Riff and his sister came to the Emergency Clinic, they were both skinny and parasite infested. Riff had an open wound that entirely encircled his neck from a collar or rope that had been placed on him when he was much smaller and became embedded as he grew around it. He picked me to take him home and his sister found a home with someone else.

A few years later we moved to a large race horse farm where I worked and one day he got carried away and chased a rabbit up our long driveway and into the road during morning rush hour. The car that hit him never stopped, but another did and let me know what had happened, though she didn't need to. I could hear him screaming all the way down to the barn where I was cleaning stalls. His elbow was shattered and the head completely separated from the long bone. Given the many years he had ahead of him (he wasn't quite three yet) I decided to have the leg amputated at the shoulder. The recovery for such a surgery is much better than a reparation procedure, which would leave him painful and arthritic in his later years.

He is now almost nine and lives life with zest and verve. I only wish I had a tenth of his energy! People who meet him are amazed by him. I no longer work as a vet tech, but now do security for a large hospital. I have occasionally taken him in to visit my mother when she was hospitalized for a long period of time and we made detours to other units to cheer up other patients there. He inspires me to be better than I am. How does that saying go? Please let me be the person that my dog thinks I am….No person will ever give us as much of themselves as your dog will."

I will post the entire WIP (Work in Progress) of Riff Raff's portrait here so keep checking back!

Thanks so much Rachel for rescuing Riff Raff!

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DEB said...

Great story Melody! I can't wait to see the WIP!

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