Keeping Them Warm!

The last three days I came to realize how strong my motherly instinct is to keep my family safe and warm! On Friday afternoon, (as the temperatures hovered around zero degrees outside) our new furnace failed. Apparently it was so cold that the oil in our tank coagulated which caused the furnace to shut down. Luckily we have a new wood stove that is situated on the upper floor of our house and I quickly set to work stoking that little stove fully! Over the course of the next three days, with several service calls, the night temps. hitting ten below, and much of my time tending that fire in the wood stove, we are finally back up to speed with heat in our house. I discovered that having my family in the cold was really stressful, it made me realize that as a mom, keeping my kids warm and safe is right up there in the most important mom jobs. Thank heavens for the wood stove!!! Above is a little painting I recently did for Moonlight Memoirs which makes me think of my little kiddos staying warm, safe, and all tucked angels flit by in the bitter cold night.

Stay warm!

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