Last Few Steps in Miniature Painting "Crow Corvus Black Bird"

I am coming into the home stretch for "Crow Corvus Black Bird".
By the way, I did not title this painting Raven because of a suggestion from my oldest sister, a long time Alaska resident and who really knows Ravens. She let me know that my reference photograph is NOT a Raven, more likely a Crow, hence the part of my title "Corvus" which is the overall group which Crows and Ravens fall in to. Thanks Ade!

Below I have added more color to the moons, the Crows feathers and am beginning to work out his beautiful strong beak.

Below I worked in stronger dark and lights, added a star and am about to refine.

And...finished! This is my first miniature painting of 2009. I hope you have enjoyed the work in progress.

You can also watch the WIP (Work in Progress) slide show of "Crow Corvus Blackbird"


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Beautiful work in progress Melody!

Anonymous said...

I can't tell a crow from a raven from a blackbird, but your painting is coming along wonderfully!!

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