More Work in Progress for The Childrens Book - The Cats Meow

This morning I am working on the next step for the illustration of The Cat's Meow by Jana Laiz I am beginning to layer the colored pencil in heavy coats. The colored pencil becomes more like paint at this point when there are many layers and since colored pencil is translucent, all the under layers (as well as the initial ink drawing) show through.

This afternoon I am building up the layers of colored pencil:

The Cat's Meow by Jana Laiz is going to be such a joy to illustrate!

Jana is the author of the award nominated Weeping Under This Same Moon and Elephants of the Tsunami

Read more about The Cat's Meow here
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Gail H. Ragsdale said...

The calf is really developing a personality! So fun to watch your WIP's!

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