New Childrens Book Illustration Project

I am excited to let you know I have just begun the illustrations for a new book written by my dear friend Jana Laiz! The Cat's Meow is a children's book filled with adorable baby animals all coming together to help a very young person welcome their new baby sister or brother. This book is going to be delightful and I am so excited to share the process with you. Jana has written several books such a the award nominated Weeping Under This Same Moon and Elephants of the Tsunami

Keep watching for the very first illustration which I will begin tonight.

Have a great evening,


DEB said...

Congratulations on your new assignment Melody! I am looking forward to seeing the artwork!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Deb! First up is a super sweet brown baby cow. Look for her later today.
Have a great day!

Ingrid said...

That's marvelous news Mel! Congratulations...can't wait to see all the beautiful new creations. =0)

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