Little Raccoon Art on Tile, Jewelry Box, and on A Framed Tile

The framed tile is also on eBay

Two years ago I painted this little raccoon, (he is one of my favorites) until recently I sold only Giclee prints of this painting. Then a week or so ago a customer emailed me and asked if I could put the little raccoon on a framed tile. Now, two years after I completed the original, I am more able to manipulate my paintings with a graphics program so that they work in different formats. I think he looks great on these three gifts. You can click on any image above to find that raccoon art gift.

Below is the original painting, and here is a step by step of the piece.



Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Darling Raccoon Melody! We have lot's of them around here. Unfortunately it's also a big Coon hunting area :-(

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks sad they are hunted. :(

DEB said...

I love racoons! He is so cute...Of course, everything you paint ends up looking irresistable!

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