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spring bunny magnet

Easter Bunny Art

This morning I gathered up some little bunny magnets printed with my miniature paintings and ready for you to collect. Thoughts of sweet Spring are on my mind and in my heart as the snow continues to fall....

Click on any bunny or chick to find that magnet in my eBay store. If you purchase more than three I will give you 40% OFF! Just email melody (at) vgernet (dot) net with the code "springfeverandbunnies" in the subject line before you checkout.


Cute bunny magnet

spring bunny rabbit

spring bunny


Totally Timmy said...

adorable :)

Anonymous said...

All your bunnies are so cute,just right for Easter.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much Vic and Totally Timmy!!

DEB said...

Love your bunnies Melody!!

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