A Little Further Along With Baby Deer Painting (ACEO)

I have begun to layer the colored pencil over India ink on my latest miniature painting. The "Little Deer" is beginning to come alive now with the color in his coat.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday...sounds like we are going to have a major snow storm here!



DEB said...

Melody, your deer is coming along nicely! I forget where you live, but I'm in Ashburn, VA and we are expecting 7 to 10 inches. My husband is in San Francisco, sleepiing in the airport tonight, because his plane to Dulles was cancelled, and it's doubtful he'll get home tomorrow either!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Deb! I am in New England...Massachusetts. I actually think that you all are getting hit worse than we for a change...:) Lotsa' white here though and has been for many months. A good day to hunker in by the fire and paint!
Stay warm and safe.

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