Blogging Award

I have been given a blogging award (Mona's Mini Blogging Award) by my friend and artist: DEB (Artshtick)

Here are the three ACEO artists I chose to pass this award forward to:

* Ann Ranlett
Ann is a dear friend and my Co-leader for Art For Critters. Ann does remarkable graphite and pen and ink paintings as well as delightful colorful pieces on Yupo (you'll have to visit her blog for a full run down on Yupo!) She paints ACEOs, pet portraits and larger work.

* Akiko Watanabe
Akiko is another founding member of Art For Critters. Akiko's work continues to just blow me away as she becomes more and more skilled in creating her realistic acrylic masterpieces. Akiko paints animals on ACEOs as well as larger pieces.

* Karen Hull
Karen is a new friend who seems to have known my work longer than I have had the privilege of following hers. Karen works on drafting film with colored pencil, her work is realistic, rich and charming. She has inspired me to try colored pencil on film someday.

Take a moment to visit these great artists, you will not be disappointed!
Here are the rules for Mona's Mini Blogging Award:

Acknowledge via link the artist who passes you the award, and pick it up from their blog (remember to host the image on your own photo hosting service).

Name five of your all-time favorite movies. Additionally, name your pick for this year's movie of the year. (Please forgive me as I must skip this part because of time constraints)

Pass the award forward to three miniature or ACEO blog artists you appreciate for their finely detailed art on a small scale, linking them in your post.


Jennifer Rose said...

thanks for posting the links. always nice to find more art blogs to read :)

DEB said...

I didn't know Ann had a blog! I like these awards that connect artists...Thanks for posting Melody!

pencilportraits said...

Well deserved Melody, you art definitely is worthy.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Jennifer, Beb, and pencil. I appreciate you stopping by.

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