Last Step On Newest Miniature Painting And Need Advice

This morning I am coming to the finish on my latest painting. The next step will be adding a touch of white acrylic and tightening up any fine details. Here is the WIP(work in progress) of the little bunny.

Now, I need your advice on something. I have been selling my original ACEOs on eBay exclusively for five years! I do sell prints, and 6000 other gift items which are based on my originals throughout the internet, (Bonanzle, ArtFire, Etsy, My Gift Shop , and My website), but always eBay for the original piece. Many of you may know that eBay has become more and more inhospitable for sellers, especially sellers with any kind of integrity! So, I am slowly moving off eBay and on to my various other sites.

Here is the question I need your help with...should I sell my originals OFF eBay? Perhaps from here on my blog? Perhaps Etsy? If it were from my blog, I would be able to donate more of the proceeds to animal charity. There is a poll (upper left) I would be deeply grateful if you put in your two cents on the subject. Meanwhile, this little painting will go up for auction this afternoon. May be the last time on eBay. :)


Jennifer Rose said...

Good thing with using a blog to sell art is you don't have any fees to pay which sometimes can make a huge difference in what things are priced at.

Art on Etsy an be really cheap. Almost too cheap. People have to be underpricing themselves, sometimes I have no idea how they can make any money. Makes it harder to sell originals sometimes.

Etsy gets traffic, so it can be easier to get your art looked at compared to just putting it on the blog to sell.

Try both for a bit maybe? If it doesn't sell on the blog put it on Etsy?

Kathleen Coy said...

I hadn't heard about the problems sellers were having with ebay... and I was just thinking about trying to list some aceos there. Hmmm, now I'm thinking twice.

The only problem with etsy is that there are soooo many artists, that it's easy to get lost in the shuffle, unless you relist often. I've sold aceo prints on etsy and artfire, but no originals yet. That's why I was thinking of trying ebay with them.

Selling on the blog would be nice, but you might not reach as many people?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree about Ebay, it is becoming a most unfriendly place these days. I cant say too much about Etsy, having never used it,or the rest, but from your comments about Artfire, this seems a good place to use for the originals. I am in agreement with Jennifer though about selling from your blog, you have a alot of followers and I should think all your previous buyers from ebay would come to your blog to buy your super art. Try both, trial and error,and nothing to lose....btw love the spring bunny too.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thank you Jennifer, Kathleen, and Vic. Your input means a great deal to me. I appreciate your wise words!

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