A Little Horse Euphoria!

Today I spent the afternoon with my sweet horse Little Bit. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I waited 35 years for my first horse. Now each and every moment I spend with him is pure heaven. Right now, having brushed him out, pressed my face into his warm neck, and had an enchanting ride with him, I am in what I call horse euphoria!
Here is a sweet little poem I snagged by the Horse Poet which sums it up beautifully.

I Ride My Horse

I feel the wind
I hear the birds
I ride my horse
As I sing the words

I see the grass
I feel the leather
I ride my horse
Upon the heather

I taste the dust
I see the heat
I ride my horse
To his own beat

I feel the joy
I taste the fun
I ride my horse
Into the yellow sun



Jennifer Rose said...

the poem makes me want a pony :p I don't have to be able to ride it, perfectly fine leading it around lol

Caron said...

Looks like Little Bit is a little bit of heaven...:) I know you must of had a perfectly heavenly time together!

Anonymous said...

Love the poem and Little Bit is gorgeous.

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