Quick Little $1. Sale - Help Me Add More Art On Etsy


(Click on each image to purchase the ACEO print)

I am filling up my shelves on the handmade art site called Etsy. In order to create my own "sell similar" feature (since I still have close to 300 more ACEO prints to add there) I need to sell a few dog ACEOs quickly.

So, these two fellas (who were both rescue dogs with great stories), are only a buck right now until one copy is sold. It would help me out a great deal in getting my Etsy shop fully stocked. I'll combine shipping of $.75 for up to 5 prints.

Keep watching here because I will also be doing a quick sale on Cats, Squirrels, Fairies, and Mermaids in the next few weeks.
Thanks for your help!!

(I hope to add more WIP on my latest mini later today)


Anonymous said...

i am confused.
why do you need to sell them to add them on etsy?
just add them on etsy.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Hi! Oh, I know I can just add all 300 prints to Etsy, but since they do not have a "sell similar" option, it makes it SO much easier to "re-list" a sold item. That way I have all the information filled out already and I can just change the image and title. Make sense?

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