Nearing Completion Of Frog Prince Two ACEO Miniature

This afternoon...a dark, damp, and drizzling spring day, I am nearing completion of my latest miniature painting (ACEO). Frog Prince Two is shaping up nicely I think. I like his crown, I like his Arnold Schwarzenegger arms, and his happy face. I also discovered today that (as the big 50 fast approaches) I get a good close view of my work by using both a magnifier AND reading glasses! (yikes) :)



Linda (Artwolf) said...

Great art Melody, made me laugh about the glasses, I have had several pairs on before, especially if I work in the evenings. Lindax

Cheryl Kugler said...

Love the way you did the water ripples and drops. Looks great! *ribbit*


artbyakiko said...

Another beautiful frog prince! I love this series. I have a pair of computer glasses in addition to my regular pair. It's getting confusing... lol

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Wow, I LOVE him!!!

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