Next Step (WIP-Work In Progress) On Frog Prince Two

Moved a little further on "Frog Prince Two" this morning.

Today I went for a long, lovely run, had breakfast out with my teenager, spent a little time discussing new paper options at my charming local art supply store, and now settled in to paint. Can't ask for much better than that for Saturday!

Later that same day...
Frog Prince Two gets his crown!



Jennifer Rose said...

that is one very happy looking frog :D

Kathleen Coy said...

I love how cute and happy this guy is!

DEB said...

You DID have a princely day! I'm going to an art show today, so I suspect I'm in for a treat too! Just wish this rain would go away!

PaintDog said...

FP #2 is lookin' gooood, Mel :)

And I have to say, I like the way you've set up the "Newest ACEO" section - available and then when sold, where to buy reproductions. You're a smart cookie!

Caron said...

Love where this one is going Mel! You are master frogs as you do the little critters!

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