School Of Mermaids Waiting For Etsy

This is my technique on Etsy for establishing a "Sell Similar" option. I have about 25 mermaids, fairies, and angels to add to Etsy, but the steps for adding each as a new item is quite tedious. On the other hand, once a print has sold, I can re-list it and change just the image. This will then pre-fill all the tedious particulars such as key words, description, shipping, materials, etc.

So snag any one of these lovely Mermaids for just a quarter plus .75 shipping.
Purchase your mermaid here.

Remember to tell me which mermy you would like!


Mona said...

What a wonderful way to show these off Melody! They look beautiful and sweet in quartets.

DEB said...

They are all gorgeous Melody! For $1, I'm in! You can send me whichever one you have on hand - They are all lovely!

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