Three Frog Princes Hop On To Cool Magnets

Frog Prince Three sold last night (yeah!) so I thought the series of Frog Princes would be cute on refrigerator magnets. I will also be adding each to a ceramic tile, jewelry box, framed tile and archival print. You can click on any little frog below to find that magnet.



DEB said...

How do you decide when to print them on merchandise and which ones become magnets vs. bookmarks, teeshirts, etc.? All your pieces seem worthy of each sales venue to me.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Deb! All of my miniatures seem to do great on magnets. Most of my little paintings however, don't look so great on T-shirts, they just shouldn't be enlarged that much! I usually try to put all my minis on magnets and most on tiles if they can be altered into a square format. Thanks for stopping by!

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