First Steps On Houdini The Little Mouse ACEO

I created the ink drawing for my newest miniature painting ACEO of Houdini the field mouse. Below are a few more pictures that my friend Debbie (wildlife re-rehabilitator who raised Houdini) shared and a bit more about how he got his name, his rescue, and release.

Debbie writes;
"I had Houdini in a very small cage in our guest bathroom. I thought the bars were spaced close enough together but my thinking was in error. Not only did he escape his cage but wiggled under the bathroom door as well. I got up with my husband at the usual 4:15 AM and after he left for work went in to check on the little guy. Much to my horror he was nowhere to be found in the bathroom. I have 3 little rescue dogs and was just terrified that my 14 year old terrier Lucy would have him for breakfast. I searched everywhere. I can assure you that my house was cleaner that it has ever been after checking under the stove, fridge, every piece of furniture all the closets etc. It's amazing what lurks under your fridge and stove. Well, no sign of the little guy so I called my poor husband Larry and needless to say he was not at all happy to know that there was a mouse loose in the house. I was very sad but decided to get on with my day and went into the computer room to check my schedule for pet care for the day. I heard some noise in the trash can next to the computer. I looked in and there looking up at me as if to say "I'm through having my adventure and would like to go to my room with my food and water and little mouse blanket please" was Houdini. He had climbed up the wires of the computer and landed in the plastic trash can and there wasn't near enough trash to aid in his escape. After that episode I put his cage in the bathtub and closed the glass doors. No more problems and thank goodness no more finding dust bunnies everywhere....."

More from Debbie;

"The first time I took Houdini to the mountains for release climbed the fence and decided he didn't want to go yet (that's Houdini on his first release effort above). I placed my hand down and he climbed right on. I looked into those sad little pleading eyes and back down the hill we came. Houdini remained with us for another 2 weeks. The second release was a success and after a brief glance my way he scampered off into the woods. My hope is that he found a wonderful little female mouse to spend some time with and raise a family.

I worry so much every time I release a little critter. I know in my heart that freedom is the right thing for them even if it is difficult for me to say goodbye."

Thanks for the lovely images and story Debbie!!
I do believe Houdini will have to travel with me to California this week and be completed at mom' kitchen table as I will be flying out to care for her on Friday.



Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I would have found it hard to release him!

Anonymous said...

I just love your work! Such talent! Love how cute Houdini is :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Lovely too hear Houdini's story as well as his painting. Great start as you've already captured his expression in your drawing :)

artbyakiko said...

Oooohhh, this is going to be the cutest painting! Thanks for sharing Deb's story about Houdini. It's just so wonderful.
It reminded me of the mice family my husband and I trapped (by Have-a-Heart), cared for, and released in the nearby park about 10 years ago.

Kathleen Coy said...

What a wonderful story! Houdini is so very sweet. I think he will enjoy traveling with you to CA, in art form anyway. :-)

Deborah said...

Melody, I am so appreciative of your interest in little Houdini and his story. I look forward to seeing him immortalized in your beautiful art.

Thank you so much again.


Melody Lea Lamb said...

My pleasure Deborah! Your a hero in my eyes. :)

Thank you Gail, Loagan Ranch, Akiko, and Kathleen so much for stopping by!!

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