Home Sweet Home And A little More Work On New ACEO

Well, I made it home from across the continent in one piece! I spent last week in California caring for my elderly mom and flew in to Massachusetts late Saturday night. I am always touched by the small acquaintances one makes on all day plane travels. You have the opportunity to learn a bit about the person next to you (if you choose to, that is) and sometimes this can be a little treasure in your day. The stand out moment for my return trip was meeting a five month old Savannah (the same name as my daughter) whom I got to hold for a bit, giving her harried mom a break. What a pleasure it was to feel that soft little body, see those bright blue eyes, and smell that sweet baby smell for a few moments.

I also had such compassion for the staff and pilots on all the flights. Tired travelers faced with delays tend to be so harsh and quick to blame. I made an extra effort to sincerely thank the stewards and pilots as we boarded and de-boarded each flight.

Now I have had a day to unpack, regroup, refresh, and begin again on my latest miniature painting ACEO "Mrs Lady Squirrel". I inked in the little work of art with my technical pen. For those of you who use technical pens, you can appreciate the joy of a fresh new nib. I use a Rapidiograph pen with the smallest nib made. Because its so small and delicate, I can usually only get about a year out of the nib before it fails. So this afternoon, I filled me new replacement pen and enjoyed the smooth consistent mark of a working pen!



Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Welcome home Melody,
this wee lady looks a gem. Looking forward to the next step. Best

Jennifer Rose said...

I always seem to get stuck next to the pushy person who takes up 2 seats squishing me or the screaming baby :/ I really hate flying lol I try to stay pretty medicated up when flying :p the 22plus hour flight to NZ wiped me right out, but I'd do it again to get there lol

I always try to be nice to the attendants tho, they don't have an easy job.

I really do have to find one of those pens you keep talking about :D

Kathleen Coy said...

Welcome back Melody! I used to draw with Rapidiograph pens a long time ago. When the ink was flowing smoothly they were great!

Carolee said...

Your work is just amazing!

I haven't used a rapidiograph in years (generally use the old crow quill type for pen and ink) - I must give it a try again. :)

~ Carolee

artbyakiko said...

Welcome back, Mel! Your Mrs Lady Squirrel is looking good! I love her hat.

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