Beautiful Blue Bunting!!

I paint tiny works of art, so I only need a very small area in which to create and I spend many hours a day here, both on my computer and my small paintings. I have a beautiful view out my window and over the last few years I have added several bird feeders which are just a few feet away from where I sit. All through the long winters here in New England, I am treated by the sight of delightful little birds ..Chickadees, Cardinals, Titmice, etc. As Spring approaches, I get to enjoy a truly incredible array of birds. This Spring there are Grosbeaks, American Goldfinch, Downey Woodpeckers, but the most incredible and remarkable bird to visit is the Indigo Bunting (pictured above)!

This is the second year he has come to my feeders. This little bird is apparently quite shy and not often found in such highly populated area, so his presence is extra special. Its like I get to have a visual treat very time I look up from my work!

I am including a few copies of my past work inspired by the little "Winter Birds" out my window.
Enjoy, (and be watching for some paintings of Mr. Indigo Bunting)



Brown Sparrow



Kathleen Coy said...

These are beautiful, Melody! And I love that blue bunting. I too, have several feeders out. It's so nice to have birds around. :-)

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I love all birds, but the Indigo Buntings are among my favorites and I am so glad that we have them here!

Beautiful photos and beautiful paintings!!

Jennifer Rose said...

gorgeous blue bird :D he seems to shine! (don't really see a lot of blue birds here :/ the little blue tit keeps coming back to the bird table but is way too fast for me to get a good picture of)

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks Kathleen and Gail! I am just so thrilled that he has returned for a second year! Jennifer, I have seen the little Blue Tits in pictures, they look very sweet! Thank you gals for stopping by.

DEB said...

So pretty! I WILL look forward to your blue bunting!

artbyakiko said...

I have never seen an Indigo Bunting in person. They sure are beautiful! Love those bird paintints. Looking forward to seeing your new paintings.

Cheryl Kugler said...

Gotta love that brilliant blue of the indigo bunting. I agree, the are such a special treat to see. I've only had one at my feeder in 15 years! Looking forward to seeing the painting of him/her.

Nancy said...

Melly, I think it takes a very special gift to paint a bird and make it look lifelike. This is not an easy thing to do. You have really captured the light and fragile essence of the tiny songbirds. Great work!!!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much Deb, Akiko, Cheryl, and Nancy! I hope to create a mini of the Bunting while I am caring for my mom in Ca. next week. :)

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

The indigo bunting is gorgeous. I saw one once and it was sitting out my studio window when I was painting. Almost fell off my chair!
Love the other birdy paintings too.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Jennifer, "Almost fell off my chair!"
LOL, that's very funny! :) Thanks for stopping by.

tlc illustration said...

Ah, I miss all those Eastern song birds (for some reason, the variety seems greatly reduced here in the PNW... and definitely NO indigo buntings! So beautiful!)

I love your bird paintings - especially that first chickadee (of which we do get a lot of! Chickadees and juncos and house finches mostly) - it's perfect!

Best wishes to you and your mother.

Gary Keimig said...

Wonderful bird paintings. I do a lot of birds myself and have several bird feeders out. One just at my window from my painting table and it is a joy to get so many of the ones I get. we have no indigo buntings but on occassion the Lazuli Bunting makes an appearance.
So sorry to hear about your mother. Our prayers are with you.
God bless and happy painting.

A place meant only for me said...

They are cute, adorable, melodious and hmmmm... sorry i can't describe them in words... they are really b'ful. ;)

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