"Lady Squirrel" Gets Her Sunhat! ACEO Miniature Art

"Mrs. Lady Squirrel" gets her sun hat this afternoon, just as the New England sun slips behind yet more rain clouds. I worked layers of colored pencil over a light watercolor and ink under painting. I think she looks quite glam in her denim hat!

Have a fine evening and Enjoy!!


Jennifer Rose said...

her hat looks really good :)
I really like the green background :D

DEB said...

How sweet! Hats are a hot topic in our house tonight. Both boys leave on a 2 week adventure in the wilderness with the scouts, at 4am Sat. morn. They've been planning this trip for a year, but decided tonight that they need broad rimmed hats for their mosquito head nets. One spent $45 to get one here by Fri. The other figures the bug bites aren't worth $45. Mrs. Lady Squirrel looks VERY stylish in HER headgear!

Kathleen Coy said...

Aw, I love her hat!

Brillig! said...

I'm really enjoying the evolution of this ACEO. I adore squirrels and Mrs. Lady Squirrel is quite a character already!!!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

She looks gorgeous Mel, and the hat is coming along so well - is it denim? - You are so creative!!

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