New Miniature Painting Begins "Houdini Three"

By request, I have begun a new painting of Houdini the mouse. Since Houdini One and Houdini Two both show our little mouse among the dandelions, we've decided to place this version of Houdini in dandelions woods as well. I wanted to show Houdini, although still a little frightened and timid, feeling ready to be on his own in his forest of grass and leaves.

Enjoy your summer day, (still rain and more rain here in New England, but you should see our dandelions)!


Deborah said...

He looks precious already. I can't wait.


artbyakiko said...

I think Houdini and his story are perfect for a children's book. (hint) (hint) :)

DEB said...

He's going to be another sweet one Melody!

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