Squire Sullivan S. Squirrel Finished! Mini Art ACEO

"Squire Sullivan S. Squirrel"
ACEO (2.5 " by 3.5"), India Ink, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, and a touch of White Acrylic.

Benefits Animal Dreams Feline Rescue (in memory of Leslie Smallridge).

Sqiure Squirrel is finished! He is the noble and gentlemanly companion to Mrs. Lady Squirrel who you will find to the left and below.

For sale at a reduced price here on my blog (upper left) for a few days only!

You can see a full slide show WIP (Work In Progress) here.

Below is a photograph giving you a sense of my miniature painting's size, (this being "Mrs. Lady Squirrel").



Sarah said...

Oh Melody...being S. Sullivan..I may have to give this little guy a gander!!! Darling as always, Sarah

Jennifer Rose said...

his eye looks so real! another great piece :D

PoozyBear said...

What a handsome fellow he is. Love the WIP slide show, too.

Kathleen Coy said...

I love his bushy tail and the way his front paws make him look like he's up to something in an "evil genius" kind of way, heehee. He's so cute, great job Melody!

Rosanne said...

Wow! If squirrels in our yard had hats and canes they would look just like him. I too liked the slide show. Just a sketch comes so alive, I envy people that can draw, usually what I see in my head comes out pretty strange on paper. I could almost like squirrels, that's another story..ha!

Cheryl Kugler said...

Your squirrels are adorable. They look like they are heading out to a fancy dinner for their anniversary. Love the hats!

Dors said...

Lovely work Melody. Love all your little fury friends. they are all so cute.

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