And the Winner Is.....

The winner of my summer series (and guessing game) of graphically altered images; "Where In the World Is Little Bit?" .

Winning comments:
From my dear friend and fellow artist Wyanne Chase

"Its a lazy Sunday afternoon, mid-afternoon. Melody and Little Bit wandered aimlessly through the rolling open meadows without a worry in the world.

Little Bit nipped at the tall grasses while Melody held out both hands, waist high, palms down, letting the soft grasses tickle her skin as they wandered.

They stopped to listen - a gentle breeze whispered, chick-a-dees chattered with each other. Laying down in tall grasses side by side, they stared up at the endless blue sky, defining shapes in the high puffy clouds, daydreaming, wishing summer would never come to an end.

Just a couple of best friends, enjoying each other's company on a lazy Sunday afternoon mid-summer."
~Wyanne Chase

From fellow artist extraordinaire Kathleen Coy

"Mel, I see you and Little Bit under a gorgeous blue summer sky, surrounded by the lush green of the season, and feeling like everything is wide open and goes on forever..."
~Kathleen Coy

From Deb of ArtShtick
"Bit is in Teletubby land! There are rolling green hills and cottontails bounding through the landscape. The sun shines bright every day, and the nicest little purple, yellow, red and lime colored people come to play! "

You ALL won an OE Archival ACEO print. Thanks for playing along!
Watch for more of "Where In the World Is Little Bit?" as our summer unfolds.



DEB said...

Woohoo! Whoever thought Tinky Winky, Lala, Poe and who was the other one? would help me win a contest!

Kathleen Coy said...

Aw, thank you so much Mel. I sent you an email. :-)

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