Another Step On New Miniature Painting ACEO

I've added the ink wash background to my latest miniature painting. Now I'll start to layer on colored pencil.

I am pleased with the start of the young Miss Duckling. I haven't chosen a name for her yet though. Here are some of the suggestions so far:

"Miss Henrietta"
"Duckling Delilah"
"Little Miss Quackalina"

And a few more:

"Miss Marry Waddlesmith"
"Miss Darling Duck"

Any more ideas? You can vote on a name (upper left)



Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

She is so cute and such a "Little Miss Quackalina"... Looking good!

Linda said...

so sweet, can't wait to see how she evolves, you are soo organised. :) Lindax

DEB said...

I've known people named Quackenbush, Dukker and Fowler too! She'll be sweet no matter what name you choose!

Kathleen Coy said...

I just love her Melodey! I think she is so darling it should be her name - Miss Darling Duck. :-)

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