Cute Duck Art And Graphic Design Fun!

For anyone who does graphic design, you'll understand my excitement when I purchased and figured out how to install a new type font to my design program! I have a REALLY old old it's not even available to purchase any longer, but its the program I originally learned computer graphics on and it was free, so I limp along with it happily. I've always wanted to have a type face that looks as if its hand wrought cursive. I was surprised and delighted that I could not only find the font, but purchase and install it as well! Miss Mary Waddlesmith now debuts on several art gifts including the above tote bag. She looks awfully cute on a baby bib and kitchen apron as well!!

Here is Miss Mary Waddlesmith as...

Duckling Tote Bag
Duckling Bib
Duckling Apron



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