Nearly Done With Newest Mini Art "Houdini Three"

Today I worked a bit more on "Houdini The Mouse Three", my newest miniature painting- ACEO. You can read more about little Houdini here and here.

Today (being Friday) I was also caught up in the whirlwind of something called "FollowFriday" on Twitter. Its fun, exciting, gratifying, and all consuming! So, today was a dance between posting good recommendations and sunny energy on Twitter and working on the little "Houdini" painting.

"Houdini Three" is getting close to completion and will most likely go up for sale here from my blog tomorrow.

I am beginning to work in little Houdini's fur, (which actually is my most favorite part of the process)

Enjoy, and happy Fourth of July weekend!!

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DEB said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this guy all finished!!

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