New Miniature Painting WIP "Seamus MacSquirrel"

Thank you loyal followers for all your great name suggestions for my newest ACEO miniature painting of this dandy little Squirrel. As a result of Elizabeth's suggestion, I was inspired to give this new animal character an Irish flare. I believe I've settled on the name; "Seamus MacSquirrel"! What do you all think?

I have had the pleasure of spending two full days riding my horse this week without getting rained on! Consequently I have been away from my studio a bit more than usual. But, I am thinking now is the time to "make hay while the sun shines", right? The cool weather will again be here in a heartbeat and I'll have to wrap Little Bit (my beloved horse) back into his winter blanket, pull his shoes, kiss him on his soft nose, and tuck him in until spring again! There will be some sweet autumn riding in between though, and hopefully a few more sunny day before that.



Jennifer Rose said...

thats a great name :D

enjoy your rides with the nice weather, I know I would be doing the same. or trying to figure out how to draw and ride at the same time :)

Kathleen Coy said...

Ooo I love the name, how cute!

And yes, enjoy your time with Little Bit!
I would do the same. :-)

Dors said...

Very nice Melody. Love the hat.
cute as. :)

Deborah said...

He is looking just wonderful and I love the name. Off to feed two baby cottontail bunnies. Have a wonderful weekend.


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