Please Help These Two Dogs!

On July 1, two little Chihuahua mix dogs were dumped in mom's Bakersfield California backyard. My sister was there caring for mom that week, and did her very best to find their owners. Now, weeks later its clear they were in fact abandoned! It seems to be a mom and baby, super sweet, cute as can be, and in desperate need of a home! My mom is quite elderly and bedridden. My siblings and I take turns caring for mom which means we are flying in and out from all over the country, so keeping these two at mom's house in Bakersfield is not possible. We have arranged for them to be spayed and have their shots with the help of the local Humane Society. My sister has even offered to fly them across country if the right adopter steps forward. Can you help?

7-16 Update: They dogs have both found homes!! Yeah.


Kathleen Coy said...

Oh, how could someone do that to these sweet little darlings, or ANY dog!!! You and your sister are so generous... I hope they find homes close by. What little dolls! I know some dog people in CA, I will post this on my facebook page.

Vic said...

Aww these are so cute Melody...people can be so cruel at times, and if I was in the USA of I would of had them. Hope you get a forever home for these two cuties soon.

Deborah said...

How precious. I e-mailed you regarding these babies. I know they will find loving homes and I truly hope it could be in "The Land of Enchantment" New Mexico. Hope to hear from you soon.


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