Beloved Little Bit

I often am at a loss for words when I try to describe time with my beloved horse Little Bit. The above image represents today's time with my equine pal. In your comments, try to guess what my experience was like from the picture, I'll send out a free print of your choice, add your comment here, and link to your blog!

My sweet horse "Little Bit" in the fall (above)

Above, my riding buddy and I out on the trail, (Little Bit was trying HARD to steal some corn!)

My horse and I in the fall (above)




DEB said...

Little Bit is in Georgetown, in Washington D.C. He's on a path right between the steps that The Exorcist scene was filmed on, and the Georgetown University athletic complex...I already won a print, so I don't need another one. It's just fun guessing where he is!

Kathleen Coy said...

I'm guessing you and he are feeling like you're part of a very special community of horse-lovers.

And I'm with Deb. :-)

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