Black Bunnies And Lace Mini Art Done

(Click image to zoom in a smidge)


"Duncan Alexander And Rupert"
4 x 6 Inches on 100% Cotton Bristol
India Ink and Colored Pencil with a touch of white Acrylic

I experimented with a new size and surface with this little painting...love the size despise the surface! I will definitely not use this weight or finish of Bristol again. But, I persevered and completed the painting.
Since the little piece does not exactly make my heart sing, I am selling it at a reduced price so this little bunny art can find a quick home. These cute black bunny rabbits are two of the Fabbitz. Duncan will be the main character in a new book I am illustrating and one reason for my experiment on new surfaces.

Meet the Fabbitz, seen here at their Big Birthday Bash!

(Enlarged view here) Prints of the lovely Fabbitz can be found here.



Jennifer Rose said...

black can be so hard to render properly, you did a good job though :)

Kathleen Coy said...

Aw, I know how frustrating can be to work on a surface that's not cooperating the way you want it to. This turned out very well considering. They look so soft, I want to pet them. :-)

Cheryl Kugler said...

The rabbits look so shiny and smooth and their eyes so bright. Looks great!

pencilportraits said...

just brilliant, how sweet and cute are these too!

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