Bunnies And Lace Mini Art Next Steps

(Click image to zoom in a smidge)

To your right is a close up of the detail a few hours ago:

I worked a bit more on the new miniature painting of two sweet bunnies named Duncan and Rupert. I am using a new surface tonight and must say I am not too pleased with the effect! I normally work on very heavy 4 ply Illustration board, while this piece is done on 2 ply Bristol board with a plate finish. I will likely have my favorite "support" (that's the art name for your paper) cut into a larger size. Or, perhaps the Bristol, only much heavier and with a vellum finish (that would give my surface more "tooth" or texture). At 4 x 6 inches, this is large compared to the 3.5 x 2.5 (ACEO) format I usually work in. These bunny rabbits are two of the Fabbitz. Duncan will be the main character in a new book I am illustrating and one reason for my experiment on new surfaces.

Meet the Fabbitz, seen here at their Big Birthday Bash!

(Enlarged view here) Prints of the lovely Fabbitz can be found here.



Jan said...

I always enjoy viewing your art, Melody, both new and old. Love it all!

DEB said...

Very nice! And I can't wait to see how you add the texture. Black animals and all white ones are always the most challenging for me.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

I love watching your works in progress and see them come delicately too life :)

pencilportraits said...

Mel, they are gorgeous little bunnies, I especially love the bunny bash! I want to say thank you so much for my prize, I've actually got a little frame it sits in perfectly. Please also say thanks to Little Bit for me!

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